Ethical Statement of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community (Tariqat)

We are an open tariqat in the sense that we welcome whom Allah sends to our door, and our social atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. However, in order to provide safety for every dervish, preserve the integrity of our community, and insure that our focus remains directed to the Beloved, we have clearly defined the relation of teacher and student as solely spiritual. We have adopted the principle that Shaykhs, Murshids and CIrcle Guides agree not to engage in romantic or sexual activity with a dervish from their circle. If a romantic or sexual relation does arise both guide and dervish will consult with Shaykha Fariha as soon as possible. It is understood that if such a relationship develops, the dervish will be placed under the guidance of another circle guide. Further, a Circle Guide or Murshid will not mix their personal affairs or finances with that of the dervishes, and no personal burden will be placed on them. Of course, dervishes will be expected to offer service to the community, just as in any other spiritual communities.