Makams of Shaykh Ansari

May 02

Field Twenty–Four, Agreement (Muwafiqa)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Field Twenty–Four, Agreement,  Muwafiqa From the field of Contentment the field of Agreement is generated. Allah Most High says, ‘So decree whatever you desire to decree.’ (20:72) Agreement (Muwafiqa) is welcoming God’s command with an open heart. Contentment (Rida, field twenty-three) is after God’s mandate has been revealed, whereas even... read more →
Apr 23

Field Twenty-Three, Contentment (Rida)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Peace to your hearts dear Circle Guides and beloved dervishes, For this field we will place the full text of Ansari first as there is a lot of my commentary in this letter. Then we will go piece by piece. Field Twenty-Three  Contentment  Rida From the field of Refuge the field... read more →
Apr 16

Field Twenty-Two, Refuge (Laja)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Field Twenty-Two  Refuge  Laja From the field of Reliance and Trust in Allah the field of Refuge is born. Allah Most High says, ‘…their souls seemed confined and they understood that there is no fleeing and no refuge except to God.’ 9:118 Refuge is seeking safety and haven in one place.... read more →
Apr 13

Field Twenty-One, Trust (Tawakkul)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Field Twenty-One,  Trust,  Tawakkul Let us begin contemplating this Field with the cry of Hafez: It is infidelity to rely on piety and knowledge on the Path. The travelers must trust in Allah alone, although they have a hundred skills. * This says it all. Yet we still go ahead with... read more →
Apr 12

Field Eighteen, Cautiousness (Mubalat)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Peace to your hearts dear Circle Guides and Dervishes This is an earlier one that had not been sent. It comes before I reached out to you and before your responses. Field Eighteen, Cautiousness, Mubalat Here we are going back a few fields as I had overlooked this Makam... read more →
Mar 21

Field Twenty, Insight (Basira)

In Allah’s Great Love  From the field of Certainty the field of Insight is born. Allah Most High says, “…when they remember God they see.” (7:201) Zikrullah, Remembrance, brings us to see. Zikrullah is the Way of dervish lovers. Insight is being able to see, and it involves three things:... read more →
Mar 12

Field Nineteen, Certainty (Yaqin)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Beloved Companions, We are discussing the subject of certainty within the context of a spiritual path. It is an extremely important subject for it describes our relation to the Truth. As dervishes on the path of truth we must investigate what we assume to be true and upon what... read more →
Mar 02

Don’t get discouraged

In Allah’s Boundless Love Dear Companions of Contemplation peace to your hearts I would like to clarify something    much of our study is about the nafs     often the nafs is seen as something negative or that we must get rid of before we can be with Allah      the truth is different    Allah gave us... read more →
Mar 01

Field Seventeen, Spiritual Transaction (Mu’amalat)

Now we proceed to Field Seventeen, Mu’amalat. Mu’amalat refers to the field of human interaction and exchange, where there should be mutual benefit. It can refer to business transactions and social agreements, but Ansari’s understanding of Mu’amalat extends beyond this legal aspect to cover all human and creaturely interaction. What... read more →
Feb 25

Field Sixteen, Piety (Taqwa)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Taqwa is one of the most elevated stations. To have true taqwa we need to be aware of Allah at all times. When we are conscious of Allah seeing us at all times we become conscious and utterly careful with our thoughts and our actions. From the field of... read more →
Feb 18

Field Fifteen, Abstinence (Wara’)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Beloved companions, From the field of Disengagement the field of Abstinence is born. Allah Most High says, “If you refrain from what is forbidden for you (We shall expel all negativity in you…” (4:31) Alhamdulillah! This is a good exchange. The human constitution, by Divine design, has a clot... read more →
Feb 15

Field Fourteen, Disengagement (Tajrid)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim From the field of Renunciation the field of Disengagement (and detachment) is born. God, the Most High, says, “Nor strain your eyes in longing (for the things We have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the splendor of the life of this world…) 20:131 The Quranic verse counsels... read more →
Feb 10

Field Thirteen, Renunciation and Asceticism (Zuhd)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Field Thirteen, Renunciation and Asceticism, Zuhd In passionately turning toward Allah we are simultaneously turning away from desire for other than Allah. This turning away from desires is called Zuhd, Renunciation. Some spiritual travelers put more emphasis on the ‘turning away from’ and others put more emphasis on turning... read more →
Feb 09

Field Twelve, Awakening (Yaqzat)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Every day is a lifetime. Allah takes our souls at night and returns them in the day to those of us who continue living on earth. Our waking is like a resurrection and every day we make our life anew. Field Twelve, Awakening, Yaqzat  From the field of Self-Examination... read more →
Feb 06

Field Eleven, Self-Examination (Muhasaba)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Beloved Companions,   Estagfirullah for finding the explanation in Field Eleven, Muhasaba, by Shaykh Ansari, ra, difficult to understand, and so deciding to embark on a different approach. According to Ibn Arabi, ra, the true travellers of the Path are those who maintain the practice of self-examination, Muhasaba. Muhasaba, Self-Examination, is to... read more →
Feb 04

Field Ten, Refinement (Tahdhib)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Dear Companions,    Every day I would suggest that we ‘sit in’ the station we are contemplating, so that our journey is not just an intellectual exercise but a real experience. When we do this we should not be concerned with the ways to achieve each field, which are the practices... read more →
Feb 04

Excerpts from Introduction to Sad Maydan

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes, Here is part of the Introduction by Shaykh Ansari, ra, to his majestic work, Sad Maydan, the Hundred Fields. He tells us that the thousand Makams mentioned by Khidr, aleyhi salam, and other mystic shaykhs are all included in the hundred Fields he lists. So this... read more →
Feb 02

Field Nine, Discipline (Riyadhat)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Beloved Companions on the mystic Way, The essence of Jihad, Striving, Field 8, is love. Field Nine, Discipline, Riyadhat  The field of Discipline arises from the field of Striving. Allah, the Most High, says, “…in it [the mosque that is built on piety] are people who love to be... read more →
Jan 31

Field Eight, Striving (Jihad)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim From the field of Patience the field of Striving is generated. Striving, Jihad, means to fight against one’s ego (nafs), against evil (div), and against the enemy. Allah Most High says, Strive in Allah’s cause as you ought to strive…(22:78).  Striving may occur in three ways: one way is... read more →
Jan 28

Field Seven, Patience (Sabr)

From the Field of Intention the Field of Patience is born. Allah Most High says, “…it is better for you to practice patience.” Patience has three cornerstones: (All three are mentioned in the Quranic ayat 3:200, “O you faithful ones, persevere in patience and constancy, vie with each other in such... read more →
Jan 25

Field Six, Intention (Qasd)

From the field of devotion the field of intention is generated. The accuracy of intention and the sincerity of one’s purpose and determination are the seeds of action; it is what Allah Most High declares in the Quran: “The one who forsakes their home in the cause of Allah finds... read more →
Jan 23

Field Five, Desire (Iradat)

For this extremely important Makam I called our dervish brother Shu’ayb Eric Winkel who is translating Ibn Arabi’s al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah.  He has become a waterfall of the Shaykh al Akbar’s knowledge so I asked him where Iradat appears in the Divine drama of creation. I tried holding my cup steady while... read more →
Jan 21

Field Four, Chivalry (Futuwwat)

Of Makam Four I will only send you the name. I feel that we can approach this Field through our own experience, both personal and historical. We have in our Western experience the tradition of chivalry, transmitted through mystical Islamic currents into southern Europe during the Middle Ages. In the... read more →
Jan 20

Field Three, Contrition (Inabat)

I would prefer to use the phrase, ‘turning heart, mind and soul to Allah’.  I find that ‘contrition’ sounds too much like a word from catechism. Or it feels dogmatic and imposed, whereas the Quranic references to ‘inabat’ among the Prophets cited by Ansari makes one taste the meaning of “Jabbar”,... read more →
Jan 18

Field Two, Magnanimity (Muruwwat)

From the field of Repentance the field of Magnanimity is generated. Magnanimity means being humble and living justly. Allah the Exalted says, “Stand unwaveringly for justice.” (4:135) Magnanimity has three cornerstones: living wisely and intelligently with oneself, living with patience with people, and living in need of Allah. I would... read more →
Jan 17

Field One, Repentance (Tawba)

Repentance is turning to Allah. Allah Most High says, “Turn to Allah with sincere repentance.” (66:8) Know that knowledge is life, wisdom is a mirror, contentment a protective wall, hope a mediator and intercessor, remembrance (dhikrullah) a remedy, and repentance a cure. Repentance is the signpost on the path, the... read more →