In the Name of Allah’s Boundless Compassion and Infinite Love

Shaykh Muzaffer al Jerrahi was a master of Essence, chosen by Allah the Exalted to bear the light of La ilaha Ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah to the West in the late 20th century. He was the one who smelled the fragrance from the rose garden of Allah’s lovers, still unknown to themselves, and he traveled to this country to meet them and make them blossom. He tended them and watered them with his tears and prayed for their forgiveness. He illumined for them the path of truth, and caused them to fall in love with the truth and with the prophets of truth and with the beloved of the truth, Muhammad Mustafa, may his crown of truth send peace into the world. Muzaffer Efendi then offered the lovers the delicate scale in which to weigh their actions and inmost intentions. He offered himself as the bright mirror into which they could gaze upon their own perfection. He found Nur, his inheritor. He named him, and brought him to the lovers as the servant of love. Efendi broke the conventions and rules for the sake of love. He gave all for love. And we are these roses of love, knowing only love, whose hearts are lit by the fire of love, not by some earthly flame, because we were found by the true servant of love. May he be blessed with the highest blessings and may every breath of every dervish in our order bless him and Shaykh Nur as long as our creation lasts. May Allah most High bless his family and protect them from all unhappiness or harm. May the tariqat of Muhammad which he brought to this time and land flourish abundantly, abundantly, abundantly.

Ya Nur, dearest beloved who is love, light of Allah, light of the lights of the heart, flowering sword of La ilaha ilallah, jewel of Bismillah, smile of the Prophet Muhammmad’s heart, may Allah immerse him always in complete Peace, heart treasure and companion of the Prophet of Allah, repository of his secret, friend of humanity, heart awakener, Ya Saki pourer of the wine of mystic love which Muzaffer Ashki poured into you, revealer of the secret Ashki revealed in you, lover of Allah in all Allah’s beautiful manifestations, servant of the Prophets, friend and reviver of the holy traditions, ecstatic dancing

tzadiq, mystic child of the divine Mother, Great Swan parting the water of Reality, leading the way into the infinitely opening space of Divine Essence, Living Buddha Jikai. You give us—your living Buddha successors, your Sufi family, your mystic body—the koan of realization, the mother of Wisdom, perfection of the Wisdom of What Is. You—holy heart of compassion, churner of the butter of goodness, tender human being, envisioner of the New Humanity, Pir and guide of the New Humanity, New Humanity itself, Medet! Help us who are your spiritual kin, your very self, guide us further as you have guided us here, onto the evermore bewildering journey of mystic love, inspire us with the wine of your love which is the Ashk Muhammadi, take us away from our selves and give us to the Prophet of Love who is Allah’s infinite abyss of love, may Allah rejoice him eternally with the oceanic gnosis of love. Please pray intensely for us that our hearts be kind and generous, our actions selfless, our breaths only for Allah, our awakening where self and other disappear, our place the placeless, our time the timeless, our face all creation as you saw your face. Pray that we be true servants of the Truth and servants of humanity, dying and living, dying and living, dying and living. And bless Muzaffer Ashki whose essence is in your essence, and bless all of your teachers and guides. And bless your family, your wife Sheila and all your children and grandchildren, your mother Adelaide Aisha and your father Alec, and all your spiritual children and companions. May they eternally flourish. May your way, following the blessed universal Muhammad, who is embraced in Allah's infinite radiance, remain until the last day, bringing goodness and joy to humanity. May the seeds of your heart, your spiritual community, bloom in the gardens of Paradise and the sublime garden of Essence. May your community never cease increasing. May you be rewarded with the joyful news of divine forgiveness for all humanity and the return of humanity into its beloved Source.

We love you! Take us completely! Reveal each one of us as Divine Reality and New Humanity!